Nanoinnova Technologies moves to Parque Científico de Madrid

01/07/2010 > NIT occupied the new space in the Madrid Science Park at the Cantoblanco campus. Nanoinnova Technologies shares lab facilities and offices within a high-energy environment of start-up companies and academic institutions (UAM and CSIC), scoping their work across many fundamental sciences. This facility provides a privileged area for innovation in nanotechnology, therefore this move is a major asset in implementing Nanoinnova Technologies strategy to establish itself as a world class leader in nanotechnology.

NanoInnova will present its new Thermal CVD Reactor at Imaginenano (Bilbao April 11th-14th-BOOTH 60)

08/04/2011 > NIT is pleased to introduce the most compact thermal CVD reactor in the market, specially designed to meet the needs of research laboratories while adopting the highest safety standards, all units include software configurable alerts to detect flammable gas leaks and high system temperature/pressure events. Our proprietary CVD Express software allows intuitive and user friendly configuration and monitoring of experiments in only a few steps. The CVD Reactor will presented at Imaginenano ( in Bilbao between April 11th-14th, NanoInnova can be found at BOOTH number 60.

Nanoinnova Technologies at GRAPHENE 2012 Brussels April 10th- 13th

03/04/2012 > Nanoinnova Technologies will be present at the GRAPHENE 2012 congress in Brussels April 10th to 13th 2012 at BOOTH #3 Introducing the new Chemically Modified GRAPHENE compounds and the CVDcube reactor. (

'MIT Technology Review' looks into the future of spanish nanotechnology

21/09/2012 > Follow the link below to read (in spanish) the insights on spanish nanotechnology offered by 6 industry experts, including Rafael Ferritto (Nanoinnova's General Manager).
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